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10 Must Have New Grad Nurse Essentials 2024

Stepping into the world of nursing is both exhilarating and challenging. As a nurse, you're constantly on the move, multitasking, and providing the best care possible for your patients. You may be wondering what do nursing essentials do new nurses need for work that isn't provided by my employer?

To kill it in this dynamic profession, having the right supplies for nurses is essential. Whether you're a new grad nurse embarking on your journey or a seasoned RN looking to refresh your kit, this comprehensive guide covers 10 nursing essentials of things every nurse needs and will support you through every shift.

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1. Stethoscope

Stethoscope New Grad Nurse Essential

A stethoscope is a non-negotiable nursing tool. Some hospitals provide disposable stethoscopes, but they are really hard to assess patients with. Consider this as your go to for assessing your patients. If you have the right one, it allows you to assess heart and lung sounds with precision. Invest in a high-quality stethoscope that will withstand the rigors of your daily practice.

And don't forget to add nurse objects that will make it obvious which stethoscope is yours. Stethoscopes are picked up or lost easily because they are not identifiable to a specific person. Add a cute charm or initials to keep it as personalized as possible.

We think this one is as cute as it is functional:

MDF Instruments Rose Gold Stethoscope

2. Scrubs

Comfortable, stylish and durable scrubs are considered must haves for nurses. Opt for scrubs that offer mobility, breathability, and ample pocket space to carry essentials throughout your shift.

If your hospital allows you to pick any color or style, there are so many choices out there today. You can even develop your own signature style with your scrub choice. That is why it is ranked number two for nurse necessities. 

3. Compression Socks


Compression Stockings Nursing Essentials For New Nurses

Put this one at the top of the list for nursing essentials for work. Long hours on your feet can take a toll on your legs. They can become swollen, sore, and you may even develop spider veins or varicose veins.


Get ahead of these problems with compression socks that promote circulation, reduce swelling, and alleviate fatigue, keeping you comfortable and energized during your shifts.

Bombas has some of the most comfortable compression stockings we've ever worn.

4. Nurse Purse

You need a larger bag to bring in all of your stuff to work, but a nurse purse is to keep with you at the nurses station. It's helpful to have this essential for nurses to get access to it quickly during a shift.

They can range in size from a pen bag to a make up bag. There are personalized bags and some with funny nurse sayings. You can make a decision on the size you need once you compile all your new nurse essentials. 

5. replenishift Nutritional Supplements

While you may not think supplements are on the top of the list for things nurses need to have, think again. With five supportive supplements for nurses and nursing students, put it on your nurse must haves list. You're covered for energy support, sleep support, focus & clarity, and stress. Throw them in your nurse purse & start off on the right foot as a new nurse!

Check them out here:

A & O x 4 Mushroom Extract Gummies

RASS Score -4 Oral Sleep Strips

12 Hour Shift Slump Oral Energy Strips

Stress Rest Ashwagandha & Black Pepper

Alert & Oriented Lion's Mane Coffee

6. Pocket Notebook

Pocket Notebook Nursing Essentials For New Nurses

While charting at the bedside is the gold standard, there may be times when it is not possible. Replace your alcohol swab with a pocket-sized notebook for jotting down something you need to remember like times, medication doses, and important patient information.

It would be one of the most important new grad nurse essentials to have while your mind is getting used to a new fast paced environment. 

These lightweight pocket notebooks are slim, colorful & come in a 12 pack!

7. Nursing Shears

Don't get caught in a situation where someone is asking you for scissors and you don't have them. Don't be surprised when someone says, it's a nursing must have for work.

From cutting dressings to removing clothing in emergency situations, nursing shears are versatile tools that every nurse needs in their pocket. 

8. Water Resistant Shoes

Let's talk real stuff nurses need. Water resistant, comfortable shoes. Let's face it, nursing is messy. There is not a day that is going to go by that you won't have a bodily fluid spill onto your shoes.

All the top shoe companies are making water resistant shoes, your options for these nursing must haves for work are endless. 

9. Personalized Badge Reel:

Add a touch of personality to your uniform while keeping your ID badge easily accessible with a personalized badge reel. It's RN essentials like this one that you can completely personalize to your likes, interests, or unit you work in.

Patients look at it frequently and often it is a conversation starter. So make it fun and add it to your new nurse must haves!

Etsy has some great badge reels made by nurses. 

Amy Patterson Art

10. Emotional Support Water Bottle:

Support Water Bottle Nursing Essentials For New Nurses

Maintain energy levels and stay hydrated throughout your shift by keeping a large, refillable, emotional support water bottle with you. When you ask yourself what nurses need, the answer is water.

Often, nurses find themselves so busy during that day that they have forgot to drink water or use the bathroom. A 32oz or more water bottle is a nursing gear must haves, so you don't get dehydrated during long shifts. And maybe seek emotional support from in the middle of a rough shift!

Here is one of our faves:

Kleen Kanteen

As a nurse, having the right essentials at your disposal can enhance efficiency, promote patient safety, and improve overall job satisfaction. Whether you're a new grad nurse navigating your first job or a seasoned RN seeking to optimize your practice, investing in these nursing essentials for new nurse will ensure you're well-equipped to handle the demands of your profession with confidence and competence with all the things that nurses need.

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